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Design complex

Currently a new central computing facility equipped with modern equipment and software is being created in JSC «Turbonasos». The heart of this central computing facility is a high-capacity computer cluster which has considerably reduced the time necessary for the realization of time-consuming thermal and other calculations in 3D-calculation models system for solving problems of the multi-criterion optimization of the pumps flow part elements.The central computing facility is based on the computer workstations of the automated system «Design and technological complex» which creates 24 workplaces for specialists with qualifications in various fields: «Construction», «Strength», «Hydraulics», «Heat», «Optimization», «Archive», «Mechanics», «Founding», «Assembling», «3D measurement», «3D prototypes», «Training», «Management».The 3D-technology of the complete interconnected development and manufacturing cycle implemented in JSC «Turbonasos» enables creation of a three-dimensional mathematical part/node model, dimensional programming, formation of the 3D-design documentation (electronic prototype, assemblability), technologies development and machining outfit design according to 3D-models, manufacturing according to 3D-models, control of 3D-methods with special measurement inspection machines and, if necessary, calculation of the actual geometry of any component. This work will result in high quality and production delays reduction of design and manufacturing jobs.







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